Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Angus' Luck Continues and a Surprise Outting

In a very predicatble chance of fate I didn't manage to get out of work very early last night and therefor got to the New Model Army gig just before 9.30. Now usually this wouldn't be a problem and the band woulndn't be on stage (or would just be coming on) but due to it being Friday night at The Astoria the bands have to finish early so the venue can get everyone out and then reopen it's doors as G.A.Y. London's biggest Gay club.

You're getting where this LJ post is going aren't you folks....

Yep, I turn up. The cloakroom is already closed which is the first bad sign. This means I have to carry my nice thick warm jumper AND long leather coat all night. At an Army gig. Which is hot and sweaty and bouncy at the bets of times. And I have things to carry. G-R-E-A-T.

Next up when I enter the main hall it is, unsurprisingly, heaving. Not only is it heaving but everyone is already jumping and having fun to New Model Army. Shit, I'm late it's started.... Anyway after buying a can of cider I manage to get into a reasonable spot and jumper round waist and coat over arm start mini-bouncy and whiplashing nearby patrons with my hair. 51st State gets played and I'm very happy and then gothguyx bumps into me and leads me into the centre of the pack (whereupon coat gets put on because I have F**K all else to do with it) where dredd_bob and a bundle of other are. More bouncing and then NMA go off stage, come back on for an encour and then a second encour. Then it's 10.15 and they're saying their goodbyes. NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Well, they were still great for the 45 minutes I managed to see them. NMA have been the only consistently good band I've ever seen over the last 16 or so years. Even some of my other favs have had 'bad spells' on the live circuit. I had thought about travelling to see NMA today. I thought they might be playing somewhere within reach (Reading/Brighton/Cambridge) but no. They are playing Cologne and I can't afford an airfare and hotels over there at present. Nevermind. Another tour next year with a new album to boot. They still rock.

Everyone was torn between going to The Dev or going to Synthetic Culture after the gug. I was going to The Dev with gothguyx but we bumped into dredd_bob again with Big Bob who were taxi hunting to go to Kings Cross. Persuasions were made upon me to go clubbing as 'I had better chances of pulling at a club than the Dev.". Thanks, but I'm not actually wanting to pull atm. I told gothguyx to go with them and then ended up heading home.

pond823 and daver2323 had been out drinking in Finchley and got home a few minutes after me. They were surprised I'd not gone out clubbing and I foolishly said I'd go if they'd go. daver2323 wasn't so sure but this was the catalyst for pond823 who instantly rang a cab to take us down to Kings Cross and Synthetic Culture. So all three of us went clubbing.

Synthetic Culture was actually a lot better than last time I went. The music on all three floors was very good and the place wasn't too crowded which was also nice. I spent most of my time chatting away to gypseymission and bluehelen but there were quite a crowd of people I knew wandering around. Good night but I started getting a headache around 3am and said my goodbyes and got a taxi home.

All in all a pretty good evening but I would have preferred to have seen more of the band as they are one of my favs :-(

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