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Germany calling...

Well this might be my last post until the weekend. I'm off to Nuremburg for the European Toy and Games Fair on Wednesday evening and won't be hitting British land again until Saturday morning.

I've only been to Essen in Germany before (again on work) which is a very industrial city. Nuremburg is apparently very beautiful although I doubt I'll get to see much of it during the day. That's the only problem with work trips. You fly in, stay a few days in a convention centre and the hotel, and then fly back again.

The trip to Vegas last year was probably my worst as I spent from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening in the same hotel. The only daylight I saw was through the hotel window when I woke up! Admittedly Vegas hotels have no European equivalent that I've seen (8 screen cinema, 70 alley bowling rank, theatre, god knows how many restaurants, convention centre, etc) but then casinos want to keep you in one place. My first trip to Brazil was also very short. I flew in late Thursday night spent Friday/Saturday/Sunday at a convention and then flew out early Monday morning. Admittedly the partying in the evenings was very good but then that's one of the big plus points about a) Brazil and b) working in the games industry.

Anyway, if I don't get a chance to write beforehand I hope everyone has a great week and to catch up with people upon my return!

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