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General Update

I met up with Sarah last night. We spoke a couple of times this week and as she was in Finchley anyway she gave me a ring and we went out to one of the local, very good, fish restaurants. We chatted and got along very well. No arguements and no hint of an incoming one to boot. After the restaurant we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways. It was nice seeing her again and it was very nice not having any arguements.

We chatted again today a couple of times and should be meeting up tomorrow for the 'Exchanging of Gifts' as we have both brought each other pressies (I got her a three-diamond silver ring and a watch).

I've still got my cold and have had the day off today (I was having it off anyway as I worked Sunday but it has meant I've not managed to do anything I wanted to do on my day off....hhhummpphhh). I did manage to brave North Finchley for a last minute spot of Christmas shopping (surprised to find it not too busy - but then i was there before noon) and did end up popping into work for about an hour as they needed me to place a couple of orders to our suppliers before it was too late due to Christmas. Nevermind, still managed to run away back home afterwards to the warmth and a nice bubble-bath.

I was feeling worse earlier although I've started picking up a bit in the last hour or so. I'd still prefer not to have to go to work for the rest of the week and just rest and ride this cold out. Unfortunately it's "that time of year" so having a cold is no excuse :-(

Almost there though.... only two more days to go....

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