Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


Thanks to everyone who contacted me about my mini-rant earlier. Both by leaving comments or through private email. It's much appreciated and I'm glad to have such a nice group of friends.

I was upset, I still am to a certain extent, but I guess I have to get used to it.

Had a good, long, phone call with Delphine this evening and she always has a knack at cheering me up. I just wished her and Alexandre lived closer to me and not in a remote part of a foreign land.

Still, gives me an excuse to travel to France again next year (beyond work trips) which is always a pleasure. Doubly so when I can tie it into seeing Delphine.

The rest of the night (between sneezes) has been spent contemplating. I think I've now contemplated so much I've given myself a mild headache and should have an early night. This probably means you'll see me on LJ on and off for the rest of the night :-p

I'm not going to bother ringing Sarah back today. I'm going to leave it until work tomorrow as I'm supposed to see her tomorrow evening anyway. I don't want to risk having another row before then.

In other news Lady Bug has gone missing. No news from my second closest friend for well over a week now. No emails, no texts, no phone calls or answer phone messages. No checking in at the shop to see if I'm ok. I'm sure she has her reasons (too busy at work, too many people crashing at hers to get away, etc) but her timing sucks. I know many of you are my friends and I appreciate that greatly but Lady Bug and Delphine are two of the closest people to me whom I can share a lot of things with. Melissa also falls close to this and she has actually been an immense help in the last couple of weeks and I'm extremely glad I've had the chance to see a lot more of her recently. I forgot how much we do get along and how fun she can be.

Anyway, if anyone sees Lady Bug (or if you read this as I know you sometimes check in on me here :p) please can you ask her to drop me a line.

Thank you :)

:::hugs::: and goodnight

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