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Christmas Review

Christmas was very pleasent. It was nice spending time with the family and not having to worry about getting home. I was surprised at just how quickly I became full at lunch - my appetite seems to have waned since last years feast it seems.... which I guess is a good thing :-p

The family were all well and mother, grandmother, and all three sisters also had a good day. My favourite present (sad as it sounds) was a nice new pair of slippers. I am very much a slippers-man and my last pair died on me a couple of months ago and I've been holding out for Christmas for the new pair as my mother seems to have a knack at getting me them :-p It's also the present that will be most used.

Beyond slippers I am now the proud owner of a host of new DVDs (including Firefly, Brazil, Edward Scissorhands, Matrix Revoltuions, Baron Munchausen and Big Fish), CDs (the new U2 and Eminem CDs), games (Heroscape, Bausack, Make n Break, Alhambra and The Incredibles Tiop Trumps:), etc. I'm very happy wth all of the things I received although if I eat all of the chocolate I was given I will become even more of a bloater so might trim back on scoffing that too quickly :-p

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and had many fine gifts from Santa and friends. Also many thanks to everyone who texted, or phoned, me yesterday. Days like yesterday always serve to remind me that the best gift is friendship and love, and I seem to forget just how much of that exists sometimes.

Take care folks, xxx

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