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(News) Steam Powered Vehicles & Earthquakes

Steam powered vehicles are in the news today. This time not only as good ecological alternatives but also in trying to beat the land speed record. Steam Engines Could Be Eco Help (BBC On-Line News; Tuesday 29th December 2004)
I'd buy one of these if it was on the market :-p

Also, out of the chaos caused by the Boxing Day Earthquake and tsunami off Indonesia one high-profile rescue has occured. It seens that former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was holidaying in the region and was airlifted to safety from his hotel after flooding. Sadly 50,000+ others were not so lucky with the total still rising. Sweden fears that up to 1,500 Swedish nationals may also have died. Kohl Rescued As Swedes Fear Worst (BBC On-Line News; Tuesday 28th December 2004)
The earthquake that hit Indonesia was the strongest in 40 years but another very large earthquake, that wasn't so widely reported, occurred just before Christmas. Measuring 8.1 it was the largest in four years until Boxing Days quake. Why was so little heard about it? Because it took place in a remote region in the Antartic and only penguins were really threatened..... Penguins Escape Hugh Earthquake (BBC On-Line News; Friday 24th December 2004).


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