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Not quite sure why I woke up so early this morning, nor why I've been brainstorming ideas for work since then? But hey, I guess a slice of productivity now and again can't hurt too much and I should really give myself that kind of injection with the amount of stuff I'm trying/needing to do in the next few months.
Might go and see Tim Burton's "Big Fish" later this morning. Was considering heading into the centre of London to see it (Warners/VUE have started a special offer whereby it's only £3.00 (or £3.50 for London cinemas) to see films that start before noon) but now feel more inclined to walk to the local Warner Village in North Finchley. I have a weekend travelcard but can't be arsed with the extra travelling. If I was meeting friends in town later I would have made the trip but as it is I'm off to my Mums for Sunday dinner this evening and I haven't seen her since New Year and also have a few things to drop off and pick up.
I also apparently forgot to tell her (or any of my sisters) that I was moving next Saturday (whoops!).
On a completely unrelated note just read that Goldfrapp are supporting Duran Duran on their forthcoming tour. I really want to see Goldfrapp so might actually go now. I saw the Duranies back in the mid-90's and they were good and with the original line-up back in action it might be worth catching them one more time. If anyone else fancies coming along please drop me a line.

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