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Drinks Tonight

Hi folks, I'll be in the Tally Ho (North Finchley) from about 8.30ish (probably slighty beforehand) for drinks this evening.

Hope to see some of you there.

I may even manage to post some updates to this thing by the weekend. My unusual quietness has been a combination of not a lot really happening, too much time spent with Southern Comfort, and general 'doing something else'-ness.

Today has been good in some ways but bloody tiring. If I hadn't organised this pub meet ages ago I think I'd be going home and becoming very snug with my duvet. On to the sixth volume of the Lucifer Graphic Novel and am really enjoying it. Also into the last two episodes of Firefly which is a shame. The series is brilliant and it's such a shame it got cancelled by Fox after only 15 episodes. It should have had at least a three season run to do it justice :(

Mind you the film has loads and loads of Reavers in it apparently and will be darker as they can put things in a film they couldn't put on TV so there are some advantages I guess.

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