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Easy Listening Goth/Punk and other Late Xmas Pressies

I was a very happy bunny earlier. I got a package delivered at the shop from Delphine and Alexandre full of Christmas pressies for me! Yay! They may not have arrived by Dec 25 but then again it allows me a second wave of excitment :-p

Alex sent me a couple of 'A Certain General' CDs. Delphine reckons I'll really like them and from waht's said about them I reckon I probably will. haven't had a chance to listen to them yet though.

Delphine got me the 'Immortel Ad Vitem' DVD which I've been waiting to see since it's French cinematic release last Easter. It's a live-action/CGI adaptation of Enki Bilal's 'Nikopol Trilogy'. I've been a massive fan of Bilal's work for years so the idea of a 'big screen' version of one of his graphic novels gets me really keen, so to speak. The film has had mixed reviews but it's one I really want to see anyway. Report to follow once I've managed to view ir.

She also got me a CD called "Nouvelle Vague" which is great. To quote the sleeve notes....

"The real clue to Nouvelle Vague's modus operandi, however, is in the name. Translating as both new wave in English and bossa nova in (Brazilian) Portuguese - it's the marriage of these two improbable bedfellows that provides the album's thirteen expertly crafted cover versions with their unique lustre. By stripping back arrangements to acoustic instruments, lithe shaker rythms and a parade of guest female vocalists (six French, one Brazilian and one New Yorker), some of the sternest, most uncompromising music ever to grace vinyl is reborn as slim-hipped, retro-futuristic pop. Imagine the cocktail hour smooch of Astrid Gilberto, or Juliet Greco's Rive Gauche croon - but from a darker, stranger parallel universe."

The covers are all excellent reworkings of the songs and some are even better than the originals in my mind :-). The tracks covered are as follows:

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
In A Manner of Speaking - Tuxedomoon
Guns of Brixton - The Clash
This is Not A Love Song - PIL
Too Drunk to Fuck - Dead kennedys
Marian - Sisters of Mercy
Making Plans For Nigel - XTC
A Forest - The Cure
I Melt With You - Modern English
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
Psyche - Killing Joke
Friday Night Saturday Morning - The Specials
Sorry For Laughing - Propaganda
Wishing (If I Had A Photograph of You) - Flock of Seagulls

If any of you come over to mine please ask to listen to some of it. I'll never listen to some of the originals in the same light again. Inspired and expertly produced!

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