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Sunday, Sunday and 'The Aviator' Mini Review

Just killed an entire bag of chocolate money left over from Christmas. This was after having done a load of weights. I still have a chocolate orange left which I think I'll take to work and donate to all of the staff as I'm (gasp! shock horror!) a bit fed up of chocolate at the moment. Saying that, you just watch me come Easter (sigh) :p

Was at work today and managed to get quite a bit done. As much as having a lazy Sunday may appeal I don't mind working on Sundays and having Wednesdays off. It keeps me busy and theres more that I can do on Wednesdays as everything is open and emptier than at the weekends. Although saying that I have a business meeting down in Surrey this Wednesday first thing in the morning (so no lying in for me).

Not sure what I'm up to this evening yet but I have loads of things I should be getting on with at home so I'm guessing it'll be spent in front of this machine typing away.

Hope everyones weekend was enjoyable.

The Aviator was pretty good but is certainly not a film for everyone. I liked it as I've always been interested in Howard Hughes and, to a certain extent, early Hollywood. I think it'd be a bit too slow paced for some of my friends and definetly falls into the 'Drama' catergory of film. Leonardo DiCaprio played a good Hughes, Kate Beckinsale was absolutely stunning (again) as Ava Gardner, am still unsure about Cate Blanchett and her portrayal of Katherine Hepburn was well acted but Katherine Hepburn didn't endear me any further to Cate. Perhaps if she had a role I liked it might help me? Ian Holm was very amusing and Alec Baldwin played a very good Juan Trippe (head of PanAm). Jude Law was amusing as Errol Flynn but I completely failed to realise that Gwen Stefani played Jean Harlow!!
The film really brings home the extent of both Hughes genius and his madness/eccentricness but no one can ever say he didn't achieve some startling feats during his lifetime - especially as he spent most of his life locked in a sanitised hotel room to avoid germs. The film finishes in the late 40's so doesn't cover many of his later films and romances, nor his involvement with Las Vegas (he ended up owning six casinos in Vegas and actually brought The Desert Inn Hotel-Casino to avoid being evited!). Some of the stories of his later years are as amusing as his younger ones. His loose grip on sanity never really got any better and the 'Control-freak' aspect of his personality didn't either. Hughes wasn't a nice man and generally treated people like he owned them. But anyway, back to the film. Worth watching but not everyone's cup of tea so be warned. School Report: B-

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