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Photos, memories and friends

Having just spent the best part of the evening looking at tons and tons of photos I've grown rather sentimental. I've known a ton of marvelous people over the years and whilst many have come and gone there are several folk who appear fairly frequently throughout my photo collection over the last decade or more.

I do really miss some very dear old friends who, for whatever reason, I'm no longer in communication with (people such as Michael H, Nick & Dawn, Alex, Justin P, Angela, Emily, Tim, etc) but I do feel blessed that I've managed to keep in contact and still see regularly a whole host of people (more than I expected to be honest) from 'many, many years ago...' such as dodgyhoodoo, weaselbitch, ukmonty, corone and melissamilitelo. It's also good that I'm back in contact with Surfer Boy again after too many years of not really seeing each other. I'm glad I'm still in contact with some of the others from the old crowd, even if they no longer live locally or even in the country (that's you jessworld, gothglitz and karkehan!). I've also known meryc, dredd_bob and dj_steve_rbn for over ten years now and not forgetting daver2323.
Out of the new wave it's actually quite shocking that people like gypseymission and faerierhona have been in my life since the mid-90's. And chrisdamage and lydiamorgan I knew when they still weren't legal :-p

Feeling quite chipper tonight afterall. 2005 hasn't really started off too badly. I've had some fun and some tears. Good food and good friendship. This year is one that I think will be good and I look forward to knowing you all for many more to come.

:::hugs::: Angus


Jan. 11th, 2005 07:19 pm (UTC)
It's a bit scarey isn't it.

Whilst I have you, when are you and Chris out and about again?

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