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Long Meetings, Brazilian Friends and Next Week

I had a well earned day off today. "So what exciting thing did you do" I hear you ask!

Well, my dear friends, I had a seven-and-a-half-hour meeting down in deepest, darkest Surrey. SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS!!!! and only two of them spent in the pub. It was a very nice pub though and had some really great food.

To be honest the meeting was very good and it didn't seem as long as it was. It also needed to be had and as it was not Leisure Games related it also had to be had on my day off. I tend to end up taking holidays, weekends or days off for my meetings (I'm even heading over to Paris for one in the near future too :).

I can't say too much about it at present but I expect to be able to talk about it fully in the near future. A number of other very positive ideas and possibilities also came from the meeting which could make for an even more interesting, and busy, future for Angus and Cubicle 7. We'll see. Fingers-crossed.

In other news I had a phonecall from Nicole (Brazilian friend now living in London) to let me know that Binha (another Brazilian friend) is moving here next month!!! Yay!!! One day all my Brazilian friends will be near me and I won't have to emigrate over to Brazil!!!! Hmm, on second thoughts I quite like the idea of moving to Brazil so perhaps I'll have to persuade some to stay behind.... Anyway, it'll be great to see her again and have her actually living here. Looking forward to seeing more of both her and Nicole in the coming months.

Next week is already getting incredibly busy so for those of you that mentioned about possibly meeting up please get in touch asap so I can sort dates out. Don't know what's happened to my social calendar but after spending every evening in recently (admittedly some in the very good company of the old Southern Comfort) I seem to be in demand again. Which is a nice feeling :)

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