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The 4400

Has anyone seen 'The 4400'. Apparently it was released last year and by the sounds of it was probably a TV series (it being over 6 hours and all...).

Just read a synopsis of the plot and it sounded fairly interesting. I've also seen it advertised in a few places across my regular shopping sites so thought I'd check in here with you guys for any comments?

"Over the past fifty years, thousands of people disappeared. On July 11, they're back...

Suddenly and inexplicably, 4400 missing people are returned all at once, exactly as they were on the day they vanished. Unnerved and unsure of the implications of this event, the government investigates the 4400 to uncover where they've been and why they've been returned. It becomes apparent that the individuals have not aged or been harmed in any way and have assumed paranormal skills that they did not previously possess.

The 4400 is a thought provoking and superbly constructed series of stories following the 'returnees' as they attempt to resume normal life once more. The dramatic content of each beautifully filmed plotline is enhanced as the discovery of abnormal powers in some of the people begin to generate widespread and unwanted interest, resulting in further alienation and trauma. A young man has the power to restore life or bring about the onset of death in people ; a young girl has the ability to see in to the future and a pregnant woman carries an unborn child that may unlock the secret to the universe..."


Jan. 14th, 2005 12:27 am (UTC)
It was on SkyOne in December. I knew I couldn't see it all so I didn't watch it. Supposed to be OK. However, it didn't make it through its first season in the US, which is often a bad sign (the major exception being Firefly).

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