May 28th, 2003

Old Friend

Discovered! (which way to run...???)

One of the barmaids at my local believes I've got the hots for another of the staff ;-p

She discreetly asked me about it when I went in for a quick after work drink this evening. All I can say is I've been drinking there regularly at lunch for the last few months and if she's only just noticed she's a bit slow of the uptake! Only kidding ;-p

I've actually got to know a good clique of friends at the pub recently and we've all been out clubbing a few times and can now take the piss out of each other without worrying about things being taken the wrong way. I used to be very much a social butterfly but that's diminished over the last few years (possibly due to being in a long term relationship and trying to shrug off unwanted reputations from my youth I guess?). It's good to be rediscovering a lost part of myself and being able to generally 'chill' and be more of myself again.

Of course that'll probably mean I get into trouble again, but heck, who really cares at the end of the day. Live to make memories. When you're old at least then you'll have something to smile about and remember.
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