November 30th, 2003

Old Friend

Wasted Month? Well ish....

Positive things
1. Discovered where my Portishead CDs were. One of my sisters had nabbed them last time she was round and gave them back to me today. I'm happy as I got very confused a couple of weeks ago at 4am after the Ballroom when I had friends round and we wanted to chill-out to Portishead. Mystery solved :-)
2. Feeling a lot better than I was. After a month of on-off health I'm still not 100% but reckon I'll try and tackle work again tomorrow - hmm, not sure if that's a positive or not?
3. Managed to get to my Mums for a very nice Roast Chicken Sunday lunch. Nothing beats a good home-cooked roast! (Disclaimer: Nothing beats a good home-cooked roast in the food department of life I feel I shoudl clarify!).
4. Meeting up with Bug this evening when she finishes work. Always a positive but more so tonight as I've not seen her for a while because of my health.
5. Got a lot of Cubicle 7 work done this weekend. Talked to a really good artist and a couple of editors as well as a company thinking of translating a couple of our games once there on the market.

1. Still not 100% which means nothing too active or too smokey for me. Considering I've not had a cigarette properly for a month I'm quite glad that I'm not craving too much. No, honest, I'm not. Couldn't care less about the unopened pack of Malboro Lights sitting on my bedside table. Really.... hmm...hmm....
2. Missing the In The Nursery/Greehaus gig this evening at the Underworld. I didn;t get myself tickets anyway so atleast I'm not loosing any money. Still I really like both bands and would loved to have seen them again. I just don't feel up to gigging-standard just yet though.
3. Was ill over some booked leave. I *hate* it when that happens!
4. I managed to waste a load of opportunities this week due to this bloody cold. I was supposed to take my Mum to see 'We Will Rock You' The Queen musical by Ben Elton on Monday. She's seen it before but wnated to go again so I got tickets for her birthday. We were going to prelude the show with a decent meal in town. My sister ended up going with one of her friends - they both really enjoyed it. I am going to buy another pair of tickets and rearrange with Mum. I also missed the Marilyn Manson gig at Alexander Palace on Wednesday night for the same reason. That's put my current *missed through illness* tally this time round at:

3 Gigs
1 Wedding Reception
1 Family Birthday
3 Great Club Nights
1 Friends Birthday
1 3-Day Trip to Amsterdam

Let's hope December brings better fortune!
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