Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Mini Review) Alexander

In a single word: LONG

A bit too long to be honest. I actually quite liked the film but it did drag on in places (certainly at the end). Wasn't too keen on Colin Farrell as Alexander nor was I keen on the fact that a lot of the Macedonians seemed to have Irish accents - but then I guess if they didn't have Irish then they'd have American. There was some superb scenes in the film - especially some of the fight scenes and scenic shots (Babylon looked really nice) but at times the narrative lacked and this especially showed during Anthony Hopkins parts as Old Ptolemy who was the narrator of the film. Angelina Jolie was actually pretty good as Olympias, Alexander's mother, even though she is only a year older than farrell in real life. I thought Val Kilmer sucked as Philip though (Alexander's father). Jared Leto portrayed a good Hephaistion (Alexanders lover and closest friend since boyhood) and the relationship between the two of them on screen has been the attention of a lot of criticism from certain quarters - mainly in the states where I believe a number of religous groups organised a boycott of the film. There were also a number of comments and scenes where gay relationships where shown, or alluded to, amongst several members of Alexanders military circle of friends. All of which, in my mind, is good and apart from anything else was true.

My favourite character was probably Cleitus who was played by Gary Stretch, but that's probably because he is very cute.(apparently he was the Britsh light-middleweight champion at boxing and even fought Chris Eubank for the WBO middleweight title in 1991!!!). I can't really fault many of the actors as they were generally all fair to good.

I wouldn't reccomend this film for people to see at the cinema but I reckon as an evenings DVD entertainment you'd probably enjoy it. I also seem to only go to films with ukmonty that include lots of snakes in. He wasn't as jumpy this time round (as opposed to Kill Bill 2 when he was leaping out of his seat) but still, going to a film with someone with a phobia of snakes when there are loads of snakes in it adds a bit of spice to it :-p

School Report: C/C- (Good bits/bad bits/way too long winded bits)


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