January 23rd, 2004

Old Friend

One shoplifter down....

How stupid can you be???

We've had a kid coming in to the shop for a while which we've suspected is lifting Games Workshop bits from us. We've not caught him in the act although we've made it very clear we are keeping an eye on him to the extent that something we *thought* he was knicking was returned to its place mysteriously a bit later on after *mysteriously* vanishing earlier.

Anyway to help him kick his habit we have been stationing a member of staff (sometimes two) near the GW racks when he's in. Today as there were a crowd of kids there was three of us involved in 'The Sting'. Two staffers in the shop and me outside the window keeping an eye on him through the glass (having a sneaky cigarette break at the same time - yeah I can multi-task! ;-p).

Anyway the silly sod pocketed two pots of paint right in my line of sight when he had his back turned to the other staffers and had his mates blocking their view. Needless to say we have our paints back and he's now been banned. But how stupid can you get? When you *know* people are watching you walk away. Now he's lost access to his local games supplier if he ever did want to buy something all for two pots of £1.75 paints!