February 2nd, 2004

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Old Friend

Do I look American to you???

I was paying some money in the bank when the cashier asked if I was from around here? She said she thought I looked American!

Me??? American??? I think I said something rather bad as a reaction because she repeated what I said in a bit of a shocked voice. Can't remember what it was though but I don't swear that often....

I don't even sound American at the moment (I will admit I have a tendency to pick up accents very quickly and did live in the States at one time so can slip into a transatlantic accent very easily).
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Definetly Moving

We got confirmation from the estate agent today that all three of us have cleared their checks. We sign at 10am on Saturday 14th February and start moving in that day. It'll be nice to have a proper house again after living in flats for almost five years.

Still intend to be at B-Movie the night before we move - wouldn't miss that for the world. Also just heard that the last Full Tilt night (as we know it) will be on March 26th. This is good as I'll be back from Vegas by then and will be trying to rustle up a good sized posse to see the club off.