February 11th, 2004

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Vegas Confirmed

Work confirmed I'm heading off to Vegas again this afternoon. Looks like I'll be heading over on 13th March for a week. One day of climatizing, four days of conference, one day for myself and then back to ol' Blightly. Plan to get out of the hotel more this year (last year was a blur of way too much drink and the haze of cigarette smoke until the early hours of the morning at the Crocodile Bar).
I'll aim to get to the punk bar again (can't remember its name offhand but have it written somewhere) as that was a nice break from the hell that can be Vegas and also possibly try a club or two and bring a bit of English decadence to the evenings entertainment.
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The Joys of Packing (Revisited)

I have a day off today (hurrah!).

I am spending it packing boxes for this weekends move (boo!).

It's days like these that I realise how much utter junk I have and how many bloody books/CDs/LPs/games/whatnot. It'd be a lot easier if I didn't have any hobbies.

Anyway, back to the boxes....
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Perpetually Horny

Thanks to riksowden  for alerting me to the Find Your Middle Earths Name site!


Dear Angus Abranson,
If you were a Hobbit, your name would be Peruppi Thorney 
and if you were a (male) Man, your name would be Gweocyn 
and if you were an Elf, your name would be Elywyn 
and if you were a Dwarf, your name would be Sagnar 
and if you were an Orc, your name would be Bigdush 
Your nearest Tavern might be called The Bullseye Tavern 
and your sword would be called Alaling 

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw my Hobbit name was Perpetually Horny. Odd..... ;-p

Anyway, back to packing...

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More WMD Bollocks

So, can anyone perhaps tell us who was 'aware' of one of the central reasons we went to war?

Rumsfeld "unaware" of WMD Claim

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he cannot remember hearing the claim that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes.  FULL STORY

Blair "unaware" of WMD Threat

Tony Blair has said he was unaware the 45 minute claim over Iraq's WMD meant only battlefield weapons when he urged MPs to vote for war in March last year.  FULL STORY

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Hey Mr DJ!

I'm having a break from packing boxes so please humour me and allow me a few moments to take meaningless tests....

First Perpetually Horny and now....

Quiz Me
Angus Abranson spins tunes as
DJ Roaring Fornication

Get your dj name @ Quiz Me

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Email Problems!!!!

Hi folks,

This is just a head's up incase anyone tried sending me any emails today. My email has been down due to a problem with my Anti-spam provider. Basically I couldn't download any of my 'real' emails. I have just cancelled my account with said anti-spam provider and am back on direct download from Freeserve so I can look forward to x-hundred spams and virus' hitting my computer again (joy).

Anyway, if you were one of the 52 real emails that I received today that my anti-spam system wouldn;t let me download and read please can you resend it my usual address. This will have affected everything from about 2am this morning (UK Time).

Everything should be hunky-dorey now apart from the imminent onslaught of spam....

Cheers, Angus xxx
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(no subject)

Dave's gone and brought pizza.... the bastard.... am now feeling really hungry.... must stop surfing and go and cook.....
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