February 12th, 2004

Old Friend

Automatic Kafka

One good thing about moving is the amount of things you rediscover. Some of them are good some of them make you wince in embarrassment of having ever purchased them in the first place.

Needless to say that when I'm in the new house I'll be taking a hard look at quite a few bits and either ebaying them or dropping them off at the local charity stores.

For now though I'm going to have an early (well early for me...) night and catch up on my Automatic Kafka reading. Good, sick and twisted, comic.
Old Friend

(no subject)

I know I said I was going to bed to read but, hey, I LIED!!!

Instead I've stayed up and filled in a test to show me which US Presidential Candidate best represents my views. You can find the test HERE.

My results were as follows:

Kucinich (Demorcrat) = 100%

Sharpton (Democrat) = 98%

Kerry (Democrat) = 98%

Dean (Democrat) = 89%

Edwards (Democrat) = 84%

Bush (Republican) = 8%

Well, I knew I was a Democrat and not a Republican but even so getting an 8% compatibility rate with young Dubba was even lower than I thought it would be. Just goes to show why I can't stand him I guess :-)

Old Friend

...and now the pub....

Right, that's me finished for the day. Off to the pub with Andy Palmer to meet up with flatmate Dave and Grim. Grim's come up for the day to chat about some publishing/writing projects and ideas we're involved in.

Anyway must dash.... Andy's getting impatient for liquid relaxation :-)