February 13th, 2004

Old Friend

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Well, that was a fun and productive evening. The pub ended up being Grim, daver2323 , Andy, ukmonty and yours truely. We had a really good brainstorm about the new game we're working on and I think have come up with some great foundations for it. Cyberpunk beware!! Great political and social future theory and what if.... conversations and debates mixed with a look at things from a histroical perspective. Not your ordinary evenings conversation in ye olde inn it must be said. We also spoke about zeppelins but I've been told not to mention that to uber_munchkin  ;-p

Back home now (and have been for a bit) and am turning in leaving Grim and Dave to chat away into the night. Damn freelancers it's alright for them but someone has to work to be able to pay their wages!

Having Grim over also allowed us to show him the interior art for the book he wrote for us (Cannibal Sector One for SLA Industries - release date late June! Buy it or else!). Dave's art for this one is fantastic, certainly some of the better work he's done for SLA. Can't wait to see the final cover from Clint (Langley - he of Slaine and Judderman fame) and also the interiors he's sending over. To see more of Dave's art pieces please check out this Blatant Plug! Must try to get some of his newer work up there soon - I guess that goes on the list of things to do after the move this weekend.

Anyway must sleep. Need sleep. B-Movie tomorrow (yay!). Big Move this weekend (yay! and boo!).

Night night sweet readers!


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Old Friend

Electric Six

Can anyone give me a quick review (thumbs up? down?) on the Electric Six album? I loved Gay Bar and the new one (High Voltage?) sounds pretty fine too (just heard it on XFM). Might have to be a purchase in the near future - I just don;t want the enttire album to sound the same though :-(
Old Friend

Hey kids....don't drink and type (plus the telephone msg)

One day Angus will learn to do two things at the same time. Good news is that the keyboard is not too sticky (which is good as it's the works keyboard).

Now, back to your regularly service....

Telephone, Going, Going.....

Our telephone is being cut off from tomorrow (Saturday 14th) around noon. We won't be getting reconnected at our new house until Monday (at the earliest). Our phone number will be staying the same (for those of you who have it). Sasha and I will be contactable via our mobiles throughout the weekend if anything crops up that needs us. Dave on the otherhand is completely screwed until our landline is up and running.

This also means that our email will be down for a bit.

Now, better get back to work (grumble)