February 14th, 2004

Old Friend


Yay for another great B-Movie night. Congratulations to both ingenue_the  and sexbat for putting together a great set and also playing a number of songs that I requested ;-p

It was pretty damn packed at times but it was great to bump into a number of old friends down there again and boogie the night away to some songs that even I had forgotten existed and some I'd certianly not heard since probably the 80's!

Anyway, I have to log off and get some sleep as we have to be up in five hours to sign the contract on the new house and start moving all daver2323 , pond823  and my own stuff (of which mine is certainly the greater portion - sorry in advance guys). Luckily we have help from one of my sisters (Genevieve - who also came clubbing tonight), Dom and Elaine on Saturday and then Nicole and possibly Keyvan (like I really *believe* he'll make it ;-p) on Sunday. IKEA is also being hit on Sunday - watch out Swedes!

Night, night all!

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