February 20th, 2004

Old Friend

Las Vegas Tickets Booked

Rar! (to steal a catch phase..) Booked my tickets to Vegas this morning. I'll be leaving London on Saturday 13th March and will be in Vegas until Sunday 21st. This is slightly longer than I'd planned but it's the only available flight times that have semi-decent connections and reasonable prices.

So iamnikchick get yourself and Mr Pramas ready to get down to that punk bar!!!

Also saw that this is the last year that GAMA is in The Orleans. Apparently next year it'll be in The Riveria so I might have to check that out whilst I'm there. Having an exra couple of days at the end of the show might also allow me to *finally* take a flight over the Gran Canyon and Hoover Dam. Never been in a helicopter or small plane before - that should be rather entertaining (especially if its after a hard nights drinking ;-p).

Rar! Again!

Old Friend

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD . . . . . . WASH!!!

Good news - we are all still alive.

Doors are open, cold breeze is flowing and air freshner has been activated....

Bad news - we were visited by one of the smelliest EVER people in the shop. I know I sometimes rant about some gamers needing to wash but this person wasn't even a gamer and HE STANK! We're not sure if it was generally lack of hygiene (but he certainly lacked that) or if he had actually cacked his pants earlier in the day and was letting it dry out.

You don't know how sick we feel.

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