March 5th, 2004

Old Friend

I wish I was a million Angus'

...because then I could fit every bloody thing in.

Apologies first off for not keeping this LJ updated recently. This is partially becasue of a difficult connection at home (but ADSL should be in this weekend...) and also partially because I've just been too busy doing other things.

I really wish I had more time at the moment - or could split myself into multiple Angus' so I could get to everywhere I'd like to be and get the long list of things I need or want to do done.

Looking at this weekend I'm quadrouple booked in every possible timespace apart from Saturday + Sunday morning. This sucks. It means I'm not going to be able to do everything (obviously) but more importnatly means that I won't be able to see all the different people and friends that I'd like to this weekend. I apologise to everyone in advance if I don't catch you at something I may have liked to be at.

Below is what I'm probably going to be doing...

Friday Night
9pm - handing keys back to old landlord at old flat
later .... maybe Dead & Buried, maybe Ballroom, maybe drinks with Bug the birthday girl, maybe drinks with Dave locally, maybe crash out in indecision.

AM - sort out house and build some furniture
PM - Kat's leaving do (she's off to live in Ireland next week and I haven;t actually seen her in years)
PM - Genevieve's leaving do (my little sister is off to work in Austria for the next 6-8 weeks on a ski resort. So it's off to Mum's for a last family meal with everyone there for a while. Also haven't seen Katie or Dominique - my other two sisters - properly for sometime so that'd be good).
later.... - possibly house drinks with Sasha and Dave? Possibly a house warming party in East London which I'd love to go to, possibly Slimelight, possibily rampant sex.

PM - Meal in town with friends (two different groups to choose from), meal in North Finchley and then buisness webby-chat, Supers RPG game in London Bridge (want to do this), sort out house, need to go shopping for business trip???

When I get a moment I'll post a review of the last week's worth of activities (Zombina rocked btw) and maybe this weekends depending on when I get the chance.

oh, btw, the last possibility on Saturday night is very unlikely to happen. I was just giving myself an ego boost to get smashed down later when I reread this ;-p
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Old Friend

Last Sunset

I always find it a bit sad when I leave somewhere I've called 'home' for the last time. Admittedly I'm at the old flat one last time this evening to hand back the keys and take the final meter readings but I've just left it for the last time in daylight.

One of the endearing features of the flat was a great view that allowed us to look out for miles over North West London. It also had the most amazing sunsets I've seen in London.

It was whilst looking out across the miles that I started to remember some good times, and good people, I've known during my time at the flat (Dave and I were there for three years or which half of that was spent with Delphine too).

I generally had a great time living there. There were some very sad points (namely Delphine moving back to France) but there were more fun times and I should dwell on those instead.

I will say that Delphine is one of the funniest people I have ever met. Her wit, sarcasm, and general humour combined with her 'Frenchness' (those who know her will know what I mean ;-p) talent and all round inner and outer beauty makes her truly one of a kind. She touched more people than she'll ever realise (or give herself credit for) and so many things still remind Dave and myself of her. Silly little things (adverts, cartoons, situations...).

Leaving the flat for a new home is like the final cut for me in many aspects.

As promised I'll say a final goodbye to it from both of us.
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Old Friend

Todays 'Yays' and 'Nays'

Todays 'Yays!'
1. Spoke to my US Agent arranging GAMA meeting and future plans.
2. Spoke to Mr Kovalic about world domination (or at least European domination)
3. Spoke to a company we're thinking about licensing a property from to develope as a RPG line. Initial feedback is pretty positive.
4. Handed back keys, etc, for old flat to landlords agent and he was impressed at how clean and tidy we left t (that cleaner was possibly the best spent money this week...;-p)
5. Managed to down email at home for the first time in ages.

Todays 'Nays'
1. Absolutely knackered. To the extent that I've blown everyone out tonight and am having a nice bath and staying in.
2. Felt a bit down about leaving the old flat as per previous post. End of chapter and all that. But on the 'pint is half full' front a new chapter is starting.
3. Have tons of emails to go through and start trying to answer.
4. Still have the rest of the weekend to get through.
5. Am missing clubbing which pisses me off but am just too tired (I know this is similar to Nay #1 but this is really annoying.
6. Forgot that I have to write a brochure before the end oof the weekend so it can get laid-out and printed by next Friday.
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Old Friend

Bush could win the Presidency for a second term easily if....

.....Bin Laden was captured or killed before Polling Day.

Double-edged sword this one.

On one hand it would be great to have him in custody or permanently removed from the picture.

On the other it would seriously save Bush's election and I'd be mightily surprised if he lost given the mass American media campaign and support he'd receive in the States.

In related news - just read an article that mentioned that American operations in Afghanistan have been increased in the last couple of weeks..... coincidence?