March 11th, 2004

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Vegas Weather Forecast

Just checked to see what I can expect in Vegas next week and the forecast is....

Sun, sun and more sun with temperatures over 20C!

Shame I'll be stuck in a hotel convention centre for most of the week.
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US Game Retail Stores

In other news....

I was shown some figures this evening for average sales in US Game Stores. Now I've known for a long while that Leisure Games (where I work) is one of the leading game stores in Britain and that the 'average' games store in America does about a tenth of our sales but the figures I was shown blew me away.

If they are correct (and they came from a leading retailer in the States) then Leisure Games is making over double the best sales figures that he knows of in the States. To say I'm pleased is an understatement and it makes our shiny new brochure I'm taking to GAMA even more interesting. In it we've disclosed last years turnover (translated into US Dollars) and it'll be mightily interesting to see the look on peoples faces after hearing tonights news ;-p

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in these wee hours of darkness....

You'd think I'd be dead tired at almost 4.30 in the morning wouldn't you?

But no. I'm still bloody wide awake and can't get to sleep. If I'm still awake at 6 I'm going to abandon all hope and head in to work and try and do something useful. I seem to be doing bugger all here apart from some reading and a little bit of browsing.

I thought I'd managed to get over my bouts of insomnia but they seem to have come back over the last few days. Could my body be getting in to the time zone of the States to prepare me against jetlag? Who knows. All I know is that I'm opening the shop for the next two days and have to make sure I'm awake to do so.

Anyway back to the books.

Night, night gentle folk. I hope your sleep is full of pleasent dreams.....
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Ghost World + Full Tilt Post

1: Ghost World Post
Just saw Ghost World on telly and remembered how good a film it was. I think I may have enjoyed it this time round more than I did when i caught it at the cinema a few years ago.

As Sasha said, they should make more films like that.

Of course crashing out in front of the telly for a couple of hours has thrown me behind schedule for tonights activities.

2: Full Tilt Post
I'm not 100% sure I'll be at Full Tilt at present due to the amount of stuff I have to prepare before flying out on Saturday morning. I know Sasha and Dave can't make it for various reasons so my question is..... whose going to be at the Ballroom tomorrow night?

If I get everything sorted then I'd like to make it one last time before Full Tilt transforms itself into Sin City (or whatever it's to be called).