March 25th, 2004

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The Nephilim

I forgot how much I really *really* enjoy The Fields of the Nephilim until this evening. I got involved in a thread on a forum about requests for a special 'The Best of the Last Ten Years From Full Tilt At The Ballroom' (catchy name huh?) which is taking place at Gossips on Friday 23rd April with the old Ballroom DJs.

I suddenly started recalling a load of bands I really enjoyed dancing to years ago (Young Gods, CNN, KMFDM, Sheep on Drugs, etc) which has resulted in an evening of playing a load of old CDs. The current of which is Fields of the Nephilim 'Reflections' - a sort of greatest hits compilation. They are truly gods.

I wish they'd start playing gigs in the UK again, it's been way too long since I last saw them and I rate them as one of the best live bands I've ever seen (and I've literally seen hundreds of gigs so that is quite an achievement).

In other news - I am officially jet-lagged. This is the first time a transatlantic flight has ever really knocked me out of rythymn. I don't know if it's just because I've been suffering from mild insomnia anyway which has added to it but my sleep pattern is definetly out. The weird thing is that several of the other Brits I've spoken to who also attended the Con in Vegas are also suffering the same effects. We reckon it's partially due to all that additonal oxogen the hotels pump in to keep you awake and gambling.
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Old Friend

More deluded souls (aka New Friends)

Yay, the bribes worked!!! (well something did it seems).

More poor delusional souls have found their way to the flock. Hi to my new friends who mainly seem to be Scottish and American for some reason?

But the doors are open to everyone - even the French*!

(*I'd like to note that I'm half French so am fully able to take the piss out of them. I know many French friends although none of them have deigned to either start up their own Live Journal as yet or join mine. That includes you young Delphine - you think you can just lurk around reading people's without letting yourself into the humility and abuse! Sign up - now goddamnit!!! ;-p)
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Camarilla: Merrick

Strangely enough I originally wanted to play a Tzimisce in the original Camarilla back in '93/'94. Back then we weren't allowing them as PC's (nor Ravnos which was my second choice) so I ended up playing a Tremere. The same Tremere I ended up retiring to the NPC ranks of Justicar 18 months ago ;-p

Your Fate in Gehenna by jahred
Your Characters Name
What you DoYou fight White-wolf
What happens to youGod strikes you down
What happens to the worldJustin takes over it
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Glastonbury Tickets - 7 Days and counting

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2004 go on sale in 7 days. Thursday 1st April at 8pm. Two tickets maximum per person using a Debit Card. Only available via the official website or Glstonbury Ticket Hotline. No other vendors are getting any and the card holder has to be one of the attendees to the festival.

They are really clamping down hard on the ticket touts this year and good on them. Families can buy up to four tickets (2 adult 2 child).

What am I doing at 8pm next Thursday? Dialing that number and spending about £250. Ouch. It will mean I'll have a spare ticket though if none of my usual crowd are going or managed to get tickets themselves.
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