March 27th, 2004

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Trailer Frenzy

Just spent another few hours raping the internet for new movie trailers for 2004/2005. More good stuff (and some truly awful ones) heading to our screens over the next twelve months of so.

Best discovery of the night was Ginger Snaps II. I loved the first film so finding a sequel is on its way was exciting.

The Merchant of Venice is due for release in 2005 but the trailer looks fab. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and with a cast that includes Joseph Fiennes (Bassanio), Jeremy Irons (Antonio), Andy Serkis (Tubal) and Al Pacino (Shylock) it should be a good adaptation.

I also saw the trailer for I, Robot starring Will Smith. It looks pretty damn good too although I can't recall if I read the book as a teenager or not. I know I read some Asimov but found it pretty boring and am not sure if I, Robot was one that I picked up. In any case the film looks like it's worth checking out.

Also saw Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead and The Incredibles again for the hell of it. Film not to watch this year is Planetfall which looks absolutely appalling.
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The Magic Roundabout Movie

Well, I couldn't resist mentioning this one here.

They are making a Magic Roundabout movie for release in 2005. The synopsis is rather weird and not at all how I remember the kids show but hell that's what happens when you have a show with so many drug references in it!

The quick plot outline is thus...

"A group of friends embark on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor -- the evil wizard ZeeBaDee."

They have a great line up for the voices too:
ZeeBaDee - Tom Baker
Brian - Jim Broadbent
Ermintrude - Joanna Lumley (yay!)
Florence - Kylie Minogue (double yay!)
Dylan - Bill Nighy (I think I bumped into Mr Nighy yesterday at the bank. He overheard me talking about Vegas and struck up a brief conversation. It may have just been a lookalike though. Must find a picture of him and his missus/partner to check)
Zebedee - Richard O'Brien (triple yay! but confused about seemingly multiple bouncy folk?)
Dougal - Robbie Williams (I am so loving this cast line!)
Soldier Sam - Ray Winstone (quad yay!)

So, can you tell why I'm excited?
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Upcoming Films

Oh, oh, oh.... there are so many upcoming films I want to talk about and let the world know about. But I can't clog everyone's Friends folders up by posting x million entries tonite ;-p

So I've decided to try and post a new film summary each day (or at least each time I get a chance to log on and post which might be slightly less often).

This is just a heads up (and a reminder to myself ;-p).

Have a good night folks. I'll stop taking up your bandwith now!
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Lord of the Rings Humour plus

Hi folks,

Now some of you probably received the following from me earlier in the week via email. I'm still amused with it though so I thought I'd post it here for everyone else to see and also to remind me for eternity so I can stumble upon it in twenty years time when I'm browsing my life ;-p

This is the Weebls Lord of the Rings toon - go watch it (you really need a soundcard for the toons - sorry to folks still living in the stone age!)

Also, something for the French...... 

Have a good Saturday folks - I'm going in search of food....

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Unlikely collaborations and 'oh my god, I've done it now'

Pulled out a U2 Tribute album I've had kicking around for a while to give it another listen. It has some good bands on it (Mission, Die Krupps, Rosetta Stone, Dead or Alive, Razed in Black, Electric Hellfire Club, etc) but also a really unlikely collaboration.

Front Line Assembly with Tiffany covering New Year's Day.

Tiffany? Yep, the same Tiffany who sang 'I Think We're Alone Now' back in the 80's.


On the 'oh my god, I've done it now' front - I've just signed up and brought my first batch of PDF's from RPGNow. I've been a bit anti RPG downloads largely because every download someone buys is one less book I can sell them through the store. But there is just so much stuff avaiable now that will never see the light of printed day - which is a shame because some of it certainly deserves to. It also works as a good testing ground for new ideas/writers.

Anyway I've got my first few products paid for and awaiting download. Shit.
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