March 30th, 2004

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Poker Night and Christmas Dinner

Hi folks,

Quicky update as it's past 1am and I should be in lullaby land already.

This evening was a fairly restful one. Dom came over and joined Dave, Sasha and myself for a game of Lord of the Rings Risk. I sucked. Big Time. To say things didn't go my way is a bit of an understatement. I was just surprised that I didn't get completely wiped out by the end of the game. Kudos to Dom for winning. I'll get you bastards next time!

In other news, we have a Poker Night lined up for Wednesday. At present there are five of us (Andy, Sean, keyvan and myself from work plus John who used to work for us). We're open for a maximum of another two players if anyone is interested. It's taking place at my house in Finchley and we're all amateurs (I've never played in my life!). We're pushing the boat out with a £5.00 pot per head so it certainly won't break the bank. Could be a fun evening - just hope I have better luck at Poker than I did playing Risk.

We've also finally organised works Christmas dinner. It's taking place next Wednesday. Yay! Free food! Always a bonus. We always end up having our staff Christmas meal in March/April because we're so busy around Christmas we just don't get the chance to do it then.

Anyway, I'm jumping off the old machine to read for a bit. Hopefully my eyes will start to fade and I'll drift off into the dreamlands for a few hours. Wasn't much fun sleeping last night - I had a serious case of nightmares for the first time in ages! ?????

Night, night sweet folk.....
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(no subject)

Feeling odd.

Think I saw an old, very dear, friend this morning on the other side of the street. They were ahead of me (and across the road) so not 100% sure it was them.

Made me remember them and miss them though.

Bollocks :-(
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Old Friend


I'm feeling restless today.

I don't know if it's because of the sun outside? Because it's now staying lighter in the evenings? Because I've not been clubbing for a few weeks? Because I saw old friends?

I'm in a decidely 'Restless Mode' and am thinking of possibly hitting Camden tonight. Certainly considering going to town this weekend and having a private party away from life in some dodgy goth/indy/rock club for a few hours.

In need of a 'club' fix.

Amongst other things....

Heard the new Morrisey single on XFM earlier. Now I'm not a Morrisey/Smiths fan (in fact you could almost say I don't like them) but the new song is very good. Listen to the lyrics folks. From what I remember they were pretty good and fairly anti-Conservative/Labour to boot which is always a plus in my books.

Placebo picked my day though. I ended up feeling alot happier - but still restless.
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Morrisey: Irish Blood, English Heart

Right, they just played the new Morrisey song again on XFM. This time I caught it's title (see title of this entry) and the lyric I was talking about in my last entry.

"The English hate Labour and the Tories"

The single is due out on May 10th.
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I'll be having a 'Dead' Weekend!

I've just had a look at my weekend plans and the concurrent theme is certainly not living.

Check this out ;-p

Friday - Dead & Buried (Club)
Saturday - Dead Kennedy's (Gig)
Sunday - Shaun of the Dead (Film)
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Wow! Immortel Ad Vitam (Film)

I'm not sure how many of you know but I am a massive fan of Enki Bilal. His art and his stories are amazing and I am so glad that Humanoids have been releasing them in English over the last few years (although I have them all in French the English editions certainly help me out in places). Bilal was born in Yugoslavia in 1951 but moved to Paris with his family in the early 60's. He started his career in graphic novels in the 70's and released the first part of his spectular Nikopol Trilogy (La Foire aus Immortls) in 1980.

He's dabbled with films on occasion but the budgets have always limited him.

No more it seems.

I knew he was working on a new film, an adaptation of The Nikopol Trilogy, but didn't realise it was so close to being released. In fact I just found out 'Immortel Ad Vitam' opened in France last week.

It looks absolutely amazing. I wasn't too sure about the effects surrounding Horus and Bast to begin with but I've just gotten off the phone with Delphine (who saw it last weekend - the Bitch) and she says that the trailer doesn't do them justice and they work very well in the actual film.

To watch the trailer (it is in English with French subtitles) go to the film's website and press the 'Standard' or 'Full Screen' trailer which is under the 'ecouvrez la bande-announce' heading.

I'm now considering a trip to Paris after Easter to catch it (finances and schedule permitting). If anyone else fancies the trip let me know!

It makes me even more convinced that Luc Besson at least partially based 'Fifth Element' around the works of Enki Bilal.

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(Film) Rotten Shaolin Zombies

Sorry, a second film post in the same day. But it had to be done.

No way in the same league as Immortel Ad Vitam 'Rotten Shaolin Zombies' is a very low-budget Canadian Indy flick. It clocks in at just 22 minutes 30 seconds and, to quote the website....

 "An epic tale of brotherly love, bad sushi & ass-kicking zombies

 Two brothers, the best of friends, devout martial artists, inseperable. One fateful sushi dinner would forever change the nature of their relationship and send them on a crash course to death and destruction. Thinking his dear brother has been killed by the toxic venom of the live dirty lungfish that tore out his eye, Lone Brother trudges through life, wondering how he will ever be able to continue on all alone. Little does he know his brother has returned to walk the earth as the undead, pissed off and craving human flesh. The stage is set for an epic battle where brother must face brother, zombie versus the living, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance! (Okay, that's a little overreaching, but...)"

To watch the trailer check out the website

It's also only $9.99 for the DVD (including postage to anywhere in the world). So if you have the pleasure of crashing round mine, after my freshly ordered copy hits my doormat in a week or so, you'll be able to see all the glorious 22 minutes 30 seconds of it!!!

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