April 12th, 2004

Old Friend

(News) Betting your life and more 9/11 news

Two news stories to relay to LJland in the wee hours if Monday morning (well it is as I type this anyway...).

First in line is the light-hearted affair of Ashley Revell, from London,  who sold everything he owned and took the money to Vegas to play roulette. Sky One have been following him (admittedly I've not watched it but have seen the adverts) and on Sunday night he bet everything he had (which amounted to $135,300) on one single spin of the roulette wheel. He had the choice of betting it all on either Red or Black and ended up plumping for Red. The fates seemed to smile on him as he's now got $270,600 after the wheel landed him with a Red 7. I would never, ever, bet my entire wealth on a spin of the wheel but well done to Ashley. Dor the full story check out this CNN report.

The second story takes me back to the whole issue of 9/11 and whether the current US Administration had any warning of the attack and could have possibly prevented it. Now my own opinions are that they should have scrambled the fighter planes AS USUAL when a plane diviates off course and started heading towards NYC. That would have helped matters somewhat. I'd personally like to know why standard procedure wasn't followed by the air force for a start. But I digress. The 6th August 2001 Memo to President Bush entitled 'Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US' has been released. It's not long but proves the administration were aware that hijacking US planes were on Bin Laden's agenda even if they may not have been sure what he was going to do with them. A PDF of the declassified Presidential Memo can be found here, courtesy of CNN again. For a story giving further information I'm sticking with CNN again (mainly because it's late and I'm on their site anyway) and point you towards THIS STORY which also mentions a no-fly zone was put into place over Genoa in Italy during the G8 summit there back in 2001 due to fears that terrorists could  "crash planes into the buildings where the leaders were meeting".

Old Friend

3 Bottles of Wine, 1 Bottle of Whiskey, An Indian and Too Many Fags.(Cigarettes to you New Worlders)

Had a fairly unhealthy evening all be told (as if the title of this post hadn't given that one away!).
It was fun though. I headed over to the lovely Bugs as we haven't seen each other for weeks and both decided it was time to stop our self-imposed exiles of each others company. 'Twas good seeing the young girl again and much chatting was done (inbetween downing the three bottles of white wine, some whiskey (wasn't a whole bottle and it was also slightly watered down so it's not as impressive as the title sounds - so sue me over false advertising!), a brilliant take-away Indian meal and not enough fags as we ran out (although too many as we really shouldn't have smoked as many as we did!).
The big problem both of us have though is that when we are together we seem to be able to drink vast quantities of alcohol and not get drunk. I'm pretty much stone cold sober and so was she (more or less) when I left. This happens more often than not with us. What gives???
Old Friend

(Movie) Alien V Predator

Just found a new trailer and a featurette for the new AVP (Alien V Predator) movie due out this summer. It looks brilliant and I'm so glad they've set it in the Antartic. The Antartic is such a bleak and isolated place it is a perfect setting for a horror film. The Thing was, and is still, one of my favourite genre films, I just wish they'd hurry up and make H P Lovecraft's The Mountains of Madness like they've been promising for the last couple of years!

Anyway, you can check out the new material for yourselves (if you have Quick Time anyway...) by checking out the following links:

Movie Theatre Trailer

Internet-Only Trailer

AVP Featurette - giving some of the background premise of the film and showing you some of the concept art.

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