April 17th, 2004

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Saturday, saturday. After the last couple of nights of fun this looks like being a very quiet day. daver2323 , pond823 met up for a 3-hour lunch with Paul who is going to be doing the editing and layout for Cannibal Sector One (one of the new SLA books). It was a good chat and we got a lot of things sorted and chatted loads. Also saw Manchester United crash 1-0 at Portsmouth as the game was playing in the background of the pub. Oh happy days ;-p

Not sure what I'm doing tonight though. I had thought about trying to persuade Sasha to go to the Bella Morte gig in Colchester but he's not keen on the drive and has also been invited to a squat party in aid of the guys who are still in prison after the problems at the Genoa G7 meeting back in 2001 (the same meeting where a no-fly zone was imposed over Genoa because authorities were afraid some terrorists were planning on flying a plane into the building where the meeting was taking place - and this was several months before 9/11 so obviously intelligence sources and governments knew this sort of attack was now on the cards!).

Last nights B-Movie was fun. It was too hot though but the pub was handing out free jars of ice-chilled water and allowed people to go outside to chill down. God knows what it'll be like in the heat of the summer! I was slightly worse-for-wear but not as bad as on Thursday night :-)

I did come up with the blinding idea of having my birthday next month at B-Movie IN DRAG!!! Sasha, Dave and Claire seemed to be up for this idea but now in the cold light of day I feel it was definetly a case of me having a drink-motivating-mouth last night and am not so keen on the idea. I might find an excuse to be out of the country instead ;-p

Thought I'd also post a link to one of Pookies (pwca ) latest LJ Entries as I found it very amusing (although I guess I shouldn't have but that's my personality...). It has some interesting facts and fgures about good old WWII. You can read his entry HERE!

Oh, before I forget. A nice double-decker bus decided to crash into, and completely demolish, the bus-shelter that previously presided outside the front door of Leisure Games this afternoon. When I got back from the pub there was just the wreck of the shelter, loads of glass, one damaged bus, one rather cheerful looking bus driver (who popped into Boots, brought a disposable camera and took pictures!), and a handful of policemen. No one was at the bus stop at the time so no one was hurt.

Anyway, that's me for a while. Still not sure what I'm up to tonight. Tomorrow I'm in work in the afternoon but should be getting time off later in the week to compensate for this infringement of weekend-fun. Hope everyone in LJland is having fun and will no doubt be posting away again shortly.

Take care and hugs!  xx


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