April 25th, 2004

Old Friend

"the simple fact of the great outdoors is there's a lot of things that eat each other."

The title quote from Chairman and Founder of The Great Bustard Group, David Waters,  when speaking about the reintroduction of the world's heaviest flying bird back into Britain 172 years after it died out here. The Great Bustard can grow to be the size of a roe deer and are being released in the Salisbury Plains (just hope the army doesn't use them for target practice then - Ed).

I'm also not sure that putting the line "The Great Bustard was hunted to extinction in Britain in the 1830s, partly because its succulent and delicious meat was so sought after by the nation's chefs" was necessarily a good move either. If it's that tastey, and that rare, I'm sure a few people will want a bite after reading that!

Full story can be found at 'Biggest Birds' Hatch UK Comeback' (BBC On-Line; Sunday 25th April 2004)

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Old Friend

6 Days to go...

In 6 days time the European Union becomes a much larger community.

On Saturday 1st May Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK will be join by Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Old Friend

Weekend of work...

Well, not much to report this weekend. I spent all of it working :-(

What makes things worse is that the weather has been absolutely fantastic in old London Town this weekend. I just hope it keeps up as I have a day off on Wednesday and its a bank holiday weekend here in Britain next weekend.

Friday night saw a few light drinks being had after work with daver2323 , ukmonty , Andy/Kim and Keyvan. Daver and myself then headed off for an Indian before meandering back to our secret HQ to plan world domination.

Saturday I was sorta in the mood to party. Dressed up with no where to go (and an early start at work on the Sunday morning). I ended up getting a phone call from young Bug and went over for a couple of hours on a rescue mission.

Today - well apart form work I've managed to cleanse my computer here at home of the ansty spyware that has hijacked my homepage and various other settings for the last few days. I've also patched myself up to try and make it harder for it to be repeated. I'm also going to have to change all of my passwords just to be on the safe side. Damn it.

I am now officially tired and going to have a (reasonably) early night.

So, sweet dreams LJland, talk to you soon and mind the bed bugs don't bite!

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