May 7th, 2004

Old Friend

Boots, Gigs, Lost Friends and DJing

This 'having a day off' lark is pretty good isn't it? I'll have to do this more often :-)

Popped down to Camden and brought a new pair of boots. I'd recently discovered that all of my shoes (apart from my trainers which I only like wearing at the gym - I hate going out in them!) were no longer waterproof. You can imagine how I discovered that with the recent weather the way its been....

Also picked up a ticket for Godhead at the Underworld on the 14th. I saw Godhead a few years ago at reading Festival and also have their '2000 Years of Human Error' album which is good. It'll be good to see them again, and in a smaller venue than a large Reading Festival tent! I just hope I can still get into B-Movie after the gig though...

When I got back into Finchley I bumped into a very old friend (Greg) who I haven't seen for years. It's rather funny actually as his name came up in a conversation at Elektrofest on Sunday and no one had seen him for years. Well, I have now and will be trying to get various people back in contact with each other now I have his email again. Went for a late lunch with him at Ottomans Palace - they do make good food. Yum Yum.

Oh, I may also have got myself a small guest DJ spot for somepoint over the summer. I haven't DJ'd for almost 14 years now so it'll be interesting how I do. It's only a very small thing for starters but if it goes well I may try and pick it up again more seriously. I'll post more info when/if things get confirmed.
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Old Friend

Naughty Angus....

....Note to Self: Do not go surfing on CD-WOW, PLAY.COM and AMAZON.CO.UK all on the same evening. At least I've managed to avoid the temptation to also take a quick look at Music Non Stop so far and I've just gone and hidden my credit cards to avoid further night-time abuse.

Mind you, I've got some cool new CDs, DVDs and books en route to me. Including one that Robin (of The Dev fame) reccommended to me earlier :-)


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