May 16th, 2004

Old Friend

London By Night

....I'd forgotten how beuatiful London is at night. On the way back from the party in Vauxhall (just South of the Thames for those not London-savvy) my cab rook me past Tower Bridge, The House of Parliment, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace (to name drop a few places) and I remembered how much I love London by night.

When I was younger I used to wander around London in the middle of the night looking at the sites which were packed with tourists and commuters by day. A friend of mine used to drive into the centre of the city and we used to stop the car and stand on Tower Bridge looking out over the Thames and chatting. Or St Pauls, Westminster, the Palace or a number of other places.

London is truly a beutiful city and this little reminder of memory lane was a perfect way to finish off a lovely evening.

Thanks to Linette for hosting the party (and well done again on the MPhil!) and to the wonderful company I had there!

Now its time for one more quick post and then some sleep....
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Old Friend


I quickly checked the results of the Eurovision Song Contest when I switched the computer on a few minutes ago (as you do...:) and Ukraine have won it for the first time ever!

I unfortunately didn't get to hear any of the enteries this year but the format changed slightly with a semi-final round taking place the day before (I think it was the day before anyway..) to vote on which enteries from the smaller countries and those countries that didn't get many votes last year were represented in this evenings final. The top ten semi-finalists went through to the finals.

I'm interested to compare yesterdays top three semi-finalists with todays overall winners....

1. Serbia & Montenegro
2. Ukraine
3. Greece

1. Ukraine
2. Serbia & Montenegro
3. Greece

Of the other semi-final qualifers several also made very high final positions (Cyprus = 5; Albania = 7; Bosnia & Herzegovina = 9; Malta = 12; Croatia = 13; FYR Macedonia = 14; Netherlands = 20).

I wonder if the fact that they all got an extra nights worth of airplay helped the qualifers in the final event. They certainly got better results than many of the countries which had automatically qualified. The best placed pre-qualified country was last years winners (and this years hists) Turkey who came 4th. The United Kingdom came 16th with 29 points, which is certainly a lot better than last years wooden spoon when they scored an amazing nil points! (The UK is automatically preselected for the event regardless of final position due to the amount of support and money it pumps into the show - good to see it's not on our own merit ;-p).
Old Friend

Waking up with a woman by my side.....

....well in a round about sort of way anyway.

When I surfaced this morning and opened my bedroom door I came face to face with my birthday present from Sasha and Vicki....

....a lifesize Arwen standee from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

She's currently peering over my shoulder as I type this. Very nice but rather big. Not sure where she'll be making her home but I'm sure I'll find some space for her. Afterall, who could resist a sexy looking elf who looks similar to Delphine. Just wish she was a bit more three-dimensional :-p

Thanks guys.
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