May 28th, 2004

Old Friend

Wedding Bells....

....luckily not mine though :-p

A girlfriend from years ago rang me yesterday. We've stayed in touch ever since we broke off our relationship about 7 years ago. We made great lovers but also great friends but decided to stick to the 'friends' side of things for one reason or another.

Anyway, the guy she ended up seeing after me has finally turned her into a respectible woman. She told me late last year they were engaged to be married and she's just returned from a trip to the States (he's American) where she has finally tied the knot.

The main reason why I'm posting it hear is because a few of you will remember her as you knew us at the time or have met her since in one of our irregular get-together drink-ups.

So congratulations Melissa and Michael!!!!

You make a great couple!!!!
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Old Friend

Day After Tomorrow....

I am planning on catching 'The Day After Tomorrow' at somepoint over this bank Holiday weekend (like I don't actually already have a hectic schedule...).

Available times are currently Saturday AM/early PM, Sunday AM or Monday AM/early PM.

If I manage to hit the cinema (it'd be the VUE at Finchley Lido) would anybody else care to join me (and most probably Sarah and hopefully Dave too)?

If you would and have a preferred time please let me know.

To everyone else have a great long weekend folks and I might catch you at Sinbad's BBQ tomorrow or GOTHAM on Sunday if you're there!