June 1st, 2004

Old Friend

Back to work....

Wow - what a great bank holiday weekend.

I'll try and post more about it later but thanks to all involved in making it fun!!!!

Now the working week has kicked off with a vengeance - I got in at 7.15AM this morning!!! Over two hours early. Must be keen (or not able to sleep.....:)

At least I can play PWEI incredibly loudly until the others start arriving though....
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    Pop Will Eat Itself
Old Friend

Chez Goth

I know of a few of you have been waiting for 'Chez Goth' to come out. Well, it'll be hitting UK stores this week. It's £11.99 plus any P&P if you get it mail order.

corpsie  - are you still planning on picking up the game and playing it down the local this weekend?   :-p