June 11th, 2004

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Labour Plunges to Third Place!

The results from yesterdays council elections are no where near completed yet. Only about half of the councils have declared results as I write this but it is looking bad for Labour.

The BBC has reported "The projection puts the Conservatives on 38%, the same as their performance in 2000, the Lib Dems on 30% and Labour on 26% if the local votes were repeated in a general election."

Many reporters are feeling this is a reeflection on the publics views on Blair and the war in Iraq. It'll be interesting to see the final results and also hear the renewed calls amongst sectors of the Labour party for a change of leadership. Not that I suspect it'll change in the near future ;-p
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Dope OK at Euro 2004, Celibacy 'Unnatural', Australia, and Art is Terror Suspect

Portuguese police are going to ignore English football fans smoking cannabis. Portugal alr4eady has relaxed drug laws but upon reccomendation from the Dutch police has decided it's happy to allow football fans to 'get stoned' as they are easier to control and less violent. "It's OK to Smoke Dope, England Fans Told" (Guardian Unlimited; Friday 11th June 2004)

Further paranioa in the grand USA: "Art Becomes The Next Suspect in America's 9/11 Paranoia" (Guardian Unlimited; Friday 11th June 2004)

Peter Garrett, x-frontman of Aussie rock group Midnight Oil, looks set to bring his radical enviromental views to the new Australian Parliament. The Labor party have invited him to stand for election in one of their safe seats. A general election is taking place in Australia in the autumn with the current ruling Conservative party expecting to have a hard time due to their pro-Iraq/American war stance. Several commentators are expecting a big anti-war turnout propelling Labor into power in a Spanish-style upset for another American ally. "Australian Rocker Wants To Be MP". (BBC On-Line; Thursday 10th June 2004).

Celibacy "is unnatural and doomed to disappear" in the church and elsewhere writes an elderly priest in his newly published biography. "Argentine Priest Revelas Sex Life" (BBC On-Line; Thursday 10th June 2004)

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Cybersex Conversations

nexusvt100  posted this link in his LJ. I've no idea if they're real or not but I found them really amusing. Only read them if you're a sick, twisted, individual whose not easily offended though...... which sort of covers the majority of you out there :-p
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19th Century Newspapers to go on-line

The British Library is to put up digital copies of over 1,000,000 pages from 19th century British newspapers in a searchable website. The project is due to be completed in 18 months and will cover many of the out-of-copyright papers.

"Editorials, advertisements and photographs will be archived, as well as news reports, as they are seen as providing insights into the values of British society at the time." (BBC On-line)

People who know me know I have a keen interest in the 19th century side of affairs and to have a resource like this available on the web will be a dream come true.

For the full story please check out "19th Century News Goung Online" (BBC On-Line; Friday 11th June 2004) or the British Library Newspapers Division


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Angus' Weekend Plans....

...are actually pretty quiet this week largely due to illness and partially due to rent being due on monday :-p

Tomorrow AM Grim and kostika are coming over. daver2323, Grim and myself need to talk about various business plans and ventures which will take us through the PM until Grim and kostika  head off to the Camarilla game. The girlie is working tomorrow but should be heading over to mine in the afternoon when she's finished to hang out for a few hours before taking her cute little ass down to Slimelight. I'm too ill to go to both Slimelight tomorrow and (more importantly for me) B-Movie tonight :-(

I'm just settling for the Portugal vs Greece and Spain vs Russia Euro 2004 opening matches for my Saturday amusement.

Sunday will see more Grim and kostika  as they'll be crashing over at ours after the Cam game. So more chatting, probably a good greasy spoon breakfast (I'll have to wake up the girlie for that outing too). Evening will be football orientated again. With Switzerland vs Croatia warming me up for THE big match France vs England. I'll have to remember to talk to Delphine so we can both wind each other up over our teams repsective chances. Personally I think England will loose 3-1, but I'll be happy to be proved wrong :-p

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Andy Serkis is King Kong!

Andy Serkis (Gollum from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy) is playing King Kong as well as a regular acting part in the Peter Jackson remake of the 30's classic. He's joining Jack Black (of Tenacious-D and School of Rock fame), Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody on the casting line-up.

If you read the "Gollum Actor 'To Play' King Kong" story (BBC On-Line; Friday 11th June 2004) please ignore them called Gollum a 'warped hobbit'. Grrr....