June 17th, 2004

Old Friend

Vatican Apologises for the Inquisition

Thanks go to nocturnia  for bringing the following story to my attention.

The Vatican have issued an apology over the Inquisition and the Witch Burnings. Fat lot of good it'll do the tens of thousands who were burnt at the stake (including Galileo for claiming the Earth revolved around the Sun) but hey, at least some organisations know how to apologise several hundred years after the fact..... (grumbles)

Talk of Witches at Vatican Inquisition Conference (Reuters; Wednesday June 16th 2004)

Old Friend

Feeling Retro

Jimmu Hendrix is **soooo** good.

Why don't I listen to more of his music? Might go furtehr retro today and throw on some Doors and Stooges when I get home. Also feeling a bit partial to Bob Marley again (must be the sun).
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