July 5th, 2004

Old Friend

Teardrop Explodes

You know, sometimes a good old fashioned tearful explosion can do you the world of good.

Shame it happened on the phone but then again at least it was with one of my two dearest and nearest and the comfort was needed.

My other 'nearest and dearest' has invited me out to dinner tomorrow and then for drinks and 'a long making Angus feel better chat'. Unfortunately I'm busy for most of the evening as I'm meeting a flatmate of one of my Brazillian friends whose over in London for a few days for a drink. He's also got a gift for me from Brazil (not that I needed bribing but gifts always cheer me up :-p Thanks Fabi!). It'll do me good to get out and meet a new face though - and I can always head over to my friends when I get back from town if she's still up and open to the prospects of a late night with me and a bottle of southern comfort!

Anyway, almost twenty past ten now and I really should make myself some dinner.

See you all later LJ-land!

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