July 7th, 2004

Old Friend

Cam Update

Decided not to go for the job.

Sorry to all those who were trying to persuade me or sent me emails/phone calls in support or spent time talking over ideas with me.

I'd have loved to do it but at the end of the day have a lot of other things on my plate and sadly don't believe I have the enthusiasm or desire the amount of effort needed to give the chronicle a good send-off and help create something fresh and new. Especially when I'm in two-minds about the new campaign system for live-action.

I'd hate to put in loads of effort in to the new campaign, at the expense of the other projects I'm working on or will be starting on, only to have it killed off by player apathy about the rules set and society structure. Hopefully I'll be proven worng in which case I'll no doubt spend many years having fun as a player. Which would be good.

In any case, I have other LARP games (possibly societies) to try and organise :-p
Old Friend

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Thanks to zenmeisterin  and Pedro for last night. Took my mind off things and was good to get out and about in London Town with two people I don't think I've really been out drinking with before (well certainly not with Pedro as he's just arrived from Brazil for a few days!).

Pedro also came bearing gifts from Fabi (thanks Fabi! I'll mail you in the next couple of days!!:) who is one of the people I met and became friends with during my memorable trips to Brazil. I will return! To be honest I 'need' to return - I miss the place and the people so much.

Anyway, it was a good night with much talking.

Should do things like that more often.

It was also quite nice walking through Green Park and Hyde Park. Don't see enough green-stuff. Must try and get out into the country at somepoint for some full-on green-ness :-p