July 9th, 2004

Old Friend

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By the sound of things I won't be making an appearence at B-Moie tonight afterall. Too many things are making it unlikely atm. Shame as it's still my favourite London club atm and this will make it the second month running I've missed the fun and frolics.

Have fun to everyone who makes it though and please raise a glass to me as my spirit will be with you at least!

I'm probably staying in and eitehr playing boardgames (Runebound seems favourite atm) OR watching Twenty Four Hour Party People which Sean just lent me OR watching some more episodes of Buffy on my trek of rememberance from Season 1 thru 7. Reaching the end of Season 1 at present.

The next few weeks will see change in the life of Angus. It will be tearful but understandable. I also hope it makes a lot of things better for all involved. More news to follow once we all get confirmation but in short Dave (who I've lived with for about 3 and a half years) is probably moving out of London to far away places in search of work. It'll be sad to see him go as he's been my longest running flatmate (other than Delphine who was dating me) and one of the best. I have felt that we've drifted apart since we moved into the new place though but then so many things have been on our minds and money-issues haven't made things much better. Hopefully his departure (if it occurs) will see a strengthening of our relationship again. In any case I'll certainly miss him.
Old Friend

Calling All US Ex-Pats

In four months time the USA votes in the Presidential elections. Bush is fighting for a second term in office whereas Kerry is trying to oust him.

It, despite all the screw-ups Bush has made, looks like it could be a close election - regardless of any *extra* help Bush might be able to rustle up from 'family-members in key states' again.

If you are a US citizen living abroad YOU are allowed to vote. Hopefully you will have seen what's been happening in the world and also the general feeling that's been generated worldwide about your country and due in no small part because of your current Presidents actions.

Sign up to vote today.

Make your voice count in the November elections. Even if you *hate* politics just consider what four more years of Bush will do to not only America but the entire planet.

You may not like Kerry either but Kerry/Edwards and the Democrats will still be infinetly better than another four years of the Bush camp.

Please vote. For the sake of every other living soul on this planet please help remove Bush from power.

The power to do so lies in your hands. Make your voice heard.

Old Friend

Saturday night

I have a really nagging feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something tomorrow night but I can't remember what. I think it might be a party?

If you are having a party tomorrow night and have invited me please could you drop me a line. Apologies if I have forgotten but nothing is showing in my diary and I've checked my in-tray and can't find mention of anything.

I might be getting confused with next weekend though. I know I've been invoted to two parties then (on the same bloody day) and was invited to a party tonight which I couldn't make :-(

And no, I won't be going to the Slimelights 3-floor special tomorrow as I have to be up early on Sunday to go to my Mums for one of my sisters 21st birthday meal. So YOU KNOW WHO stop trying to persuade me to come!!! :-p

Anyway, bath time for me and then Rob and Sarah are coming over for a relaxing evening with Dave, myself and Sasha (when he gets home) playing a game or watching a vid. Shame I'm working tomorrow - I'd have liked to have gone to B-Movie this evening - especially to see some of the crowd dressed up as St Trinnian girls :-p

On a Finchley-note: we seem to have a few new goths in town. A couple have been in the shop every day this week and a really cute girlie I haven't seen before passed by the shop this afternoon and smiled after spotting my Mission t-shirt. Will try and talk to them and get them involved in stuff.

Right, bath.