July 12th, 2004

Old Friend


Very few people will know how relieved I am today. But I've just been given some very good news (although it has left me strangely disappointed at the same time...).

Now I hope that Dave's interview in Nottingham goes well today to help resolve his problems too.

Good luck Mr Dave!

I'll be watching Chronicles of Riddick tonight. I actually snuck a quick preview of the first half of the film last night but was too tired to really check it out properly. Initial feeling was one of mixed awe (great look) with disappointment as it seemed to hint at a great story but ended up being a series of quick encounters moving the pace of the film along. Fingers-crossed I'll really like the film when I see it in full tonight with some of the gang. I've been waiting for it for so long I'm also hoping my enthusiasm and expectations of it aren't hindering my actual enjoyment :-p
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Old Friend

Where have all the women gone?


well one girl out of six isn't too bad I suppose. I just wish the test came up with a more femine result.

Look out boys ------ here I come!

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