July 18th, 2004

Old Friend

I live....

Really I do.

I am flesh.

I am not just some virtual hoax.

Sorry to those I failed to see last night. Was invited to three great parties and managed to attend absolutely none of them for reasons I'm not about to go in to.

All in all, I'm still alive although am now knackered for having worked all afternoon (about to leave in a few minutes). Friday night was ACE! and I'm hoping to write up much praise for Synthetc Culture as soon as I get more than a few minutes spare. It is a great club and if it stays as good as it was on Friday will quickly become my favourite night out in London!

Also will have a special announcement hopefully concerning the August club-night mid-week after I have sorted a few things out (cryptic grin).

Off to see Skinny Puppy tomorrow night (yay!) and Mike is back at work so hopefully I won't be working all hours and will be able to get some free time this week to CATCH UP (tm) on so many things that have started falling behind schedule :-(

Anyway, hot and tired. Must go home and do some typing whilst the lady friend watches Chronicles of Riddick and reads NewType USA waiting for me to finish a few things and give her some attention.

Also now started Buffy Season 2. We really must stop shagging part way through episodes as I'm getting slightly bored of having to rewatch them from scratch each time and it'll take forever to watch all SEVEN seasons plus Angel if we keep this up!


God, it's a hard life sometimes innit!
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Old Friend

(Film) Constantine, 5-25-77 and Blade: Trinity

It's 'Movie Trailer Time' again, brought to you by your very own host for the evening...Mister Angus Abranson! And what a show we have for you tonight movie goers....

The first trailers for the 2005 release of 'Constantine' have started appearing. Now whilst I'm personally in two minds of having good old John Constantine (true Brit grit with punk sentimentalities) played by Keanu Reeves I'm willing to go and see the movie on its own merits and ignore the fact that I love the comic and have every single bloody issue since #1. Very few 'comic-book adaptations' remain loyal to the originals and I have no doubt that Constantine will follow suit with this. The trailer is intriguing and I reckon the film will be very interesting and enjoyable as long as the purists can leave their background knowledge in the car park outsude. For a selection of trailers across various medias I'll duly point you to the ever-great IMDB site, and the Constantine page in particular.

5-25-77 is another film scheduled for release in 2005. Of interest to some regular readers will be the fact that it's from the same production company and director as the utterly amazing (and still not available on DVD!!!) Spaced Invaders from 1990. 5-25-77 is about one mans journey to see Star Wars on its opening night. A comedy which plays homage to a whole host of films (2001, Planet of the Apes, etc) the trailer looks like this could be quite a promising, amusing, film. I've just received the screenplay for it so I should know more (when I get to read it - AA) but for now please content yourselves with the sights and sounds of the trailer so far....

Rounding off this trilogy of trailers is Blade: Trinity. The third film in the Blade franchise sees the return of everyone's favourite daywalker, Wesley Snipes, and friends as the battle for the night continues. Due for release this winter the trailer has certainly left me wanting the snow to start falling as soon as possible. This film looks like it'll be as good as the first two installments if the trailer is anything to go by.

Until next time movie goers.

toodle pip!


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