July 20th, 2004

Old Friend

Skinny Puppy (Part I)

Skinny Puppy blew me away tonight.

They apparently last played London 16 (yep, that's SIXTEEN) years ago which explains why I haven't managed to catch them before. It was probably a school night for me ;-p

Anyway, I'll try and write more about the gig soon but I'm currently suffering from reduced hearing (hmm, I wonder why...?) and have just had a nice cleansing shower and a good wholesome bowl of Special K to see me through the night and dilute some of the alcohol I've downed this evening!

Am currently feeling very productive which on one hand is good and on the otehr is bad. Good because its getting me to write down ideas, etc, for one of the projects I'm working on but Bad because it's after 1am and I have work tomorrow.

On another positive note, this is the second night in a row that I've felt energised about writing again so I'm REALLY hoping this is the start of a nice long spell.