July 22nd, 2004

Old Friend

First RPGs I played

This year is the twentieth anniversary of 'Angus' Roleplaying Odyssey'. Little did I know on that warm August evening at my cousins in Washington State twenty years ago that I was about to start something that would pretty much dominate my life one way or another. I don't say dominate in a bad way either, I make a good living out of what is essentially still my hobby and its one of the most creative industries, and hobbies, that I've come across.

Anyway, my pending anniversary and a thread about old RPGs on another LJ users site got me thinking about the games I started with and how they compared with other peoples 'beginning steps'.

So, what were your first three RPGs and what year did you start playing?

Mine are:

Year: 1984
1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
2. Top Secret
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Old Friend

Police outside my window!

Fun and games outside.

Some plains clothed policemen (in two cars) have just pulled up a third car with a couple fo kids in and are 'talking to them' outside my window.

Strange how the 'policemen' really don't look like policemen though..... hmmm....