August 5th, 2004

Old Friend

Her Majesty's Department of Vague Paranoia

Thanks to pwca  for bringing this site to my attention:

HM Department of Vague Paranoia which is a great reworking of the official Preparing For Emergencies site set up by Her Majesty's Government.

I heard some politician (Conservative I think) complaining about Britian not having a Homelands Minister in the same style as the US. We've managed to live for decades under the REAL threat of terrorism in the UK (as in bombs going off and politically motivated assassinations) without the need for a Homelands Minister and I can't see the need for one now! It's just the terrorists are now being sponsored by our so-called enemies as oppossed to our so-called friends.

And in any case I've (luckily) not seen any terrorist activity in the UK from Eastern shores recently whereas a few years ago a week or two couldn't go by without some sort of terrorist activity stemming from the dispute in Ireland. Some of the attacks were a bit too close for comfort too...


Old Friend

(News in Brief) Witch Killing, Dead Zones, Web Addicts and Condemned Songs....

I rather suspect the British army would have the same problem if it still used conscription... Finnish Army Drops 'Web Addicts' (BBC News On-Line; Thursday 5th August 2004)

Complete with a piccy of a human skin after a 'ritual skinning' so you might not want to see this article if you've just had breakfast and are of a more timid persuasion.... Tanzanian 'Witch' Killers Charged (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 4th August 2004)

My father was once chased by a shark, but that's a story for another time.... Dead Zone May Boost Shark Attacks (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 4th August 2004)

Clerics Condemn Kashmir Pop Song (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 3rd August 2004)