August 6th, 2004

Old Friend

The pitfalls of retail....

Sometimes I hate working in a retail store. Some of the bloody abusive customers (I call them customers but they just come off the street to have an arguement and check to see if they can rob you or shoplift...) really get on my wick.

Threats made to staff members (including myself) are just not part of the job description and will eventually one day lead me to either quitting retail or become a factor in just renting a warehouse somewhere and becoming internet/mail order only.
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Old Friend

To clarify on my last post

So far today we've been what looks like cased for snatch and grab on the till, been offered counterfeit money and had two blokes get abusive off the street.

This is **NOT** a normal day but doesn't stop me from getting tired and pissed off about it!