August 13th, 2004

Old Friend

World of Darkness 2.0 UK Launch Party

I've hinted at this to a few people and can now confirm that Leisure Games will be holding the UK's Official World of Darkness 2.0/Vampire:The Requiem UK Launch Party in conjunction with White Wolf and Turbulent Soundscape on Friday 20th August.

More information will follow over the weekend when I can write up the belated press release but you'll be able to check the White Wolf and Leisure Games website for more information early next week.

I would have announced this sooner but it seems a few stray emails have held it up.

A signed copy of the rulebook will be given away to one lucky punter on the night who buys something from the trade stand. Other WoD 2.0 give-aways will include t-shirts and pins!

So come and party with us!!!!

Check back here for furtehr info (probably) tomorrow!
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Old Friend

Star Wars TV Series

Apparently George Lucas seems likely to give the go ahead for a Star Wars TV Series to air in 2006. It will 'probably' be set between Star Wars Episode 3 and 4 as the Empire is coming to prominence and will 'probably' revolve around Boba Fett.

I'm sure there is more info out there on the net but don't have the time to look for links at the moment (SORRY :-P).

Could be interesting if it comes off though.

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