September 29th, 2004

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Good Charlotte and Marilyn Manson

Now whilst I'm not a Good Charlotte fan (being over the age of 16 and all...:p) I must say I really do like their video for 'Predictable'. It's got a definite Jhonen Vasquez/Tim Burton feel going on in it.

In other video news (which will also question whether or not I am over 16 to some people reading this no doubt...) my Limited Edition Marilyn Manson Greatest Hits 'Lest We Forget: The Best Of' arrived on Monday. I was trying to avoid buying the greatest hits as I already have all of the tracks apart from the new cover of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus but the Limited Edition format not only comes with the 19 track CD but a 20 track DVD collection of videos and stuff! Now MM have never released any of their videos before now so I'd have spent more on a seperate DVD release than I would have done buying this combo pack.

Yep, I'm thrilled :)
Old Friend

What Mystical Creature Am I?

Yep Charlotte (painter_bird), you're still the only one of your friends not to be a vampire :p

ex v
You're a Vampire. Vampires were the creatures of
the night that were believed to live off of
human blood. Count Dracula, being the most
famous vampire, set the stereotype. They had
dark hair and pale skin from being away from
the sunlight. If they actually existed, it's
very possible they had the skin disease that
made you allergic to the sun so whenever the
sunlight would hit it, it would hurt like
crazy. They were usually snobbish and control
freaks and kept werewolves as pets. (If you
cannot see the picture, go to my userpage and
look near the bottom. There should be the
picture and description for all the results)

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More Ebay Auctions

Thanks to those of you who bidded on my last set of auctions. It was good to see some familiar names placing bids :p

Hopefully there'll be some more items that might interest you as I've just thrown up some more CD Singles and a few 7-inches. You can check them out on MY EBAY PAGE as usual. More things will be added over the next few days as I take advantage of having some holiday to both catch up with work at home and also clear things out/tidy up.

Oh, if anyone is interested in the following CD Singles they can be yours for 75p + postage (each). They'll be getting the ebay treatment shortly but you can have first dibs. Let me know if interested:

Morcheeba - Trigger Hippy

Moloko - Fun For Me (Promotional One-trcak CD Single) - Yours for 50p !

Moloko - Fun For Me (7 track single - loads of mixes!)

Moloko - Dominoid (5 tracks)

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Within Temptation

Gettign ready to go down to The Scala in Kings Cross this evening. A Dutch band called Within Temptation are playing. I'll admit to never having heard of them before but apparently they are very big in both Holland and Germany. Sarah certainly got all excited when she found out they were playing anyway :p

In readiness I just popped onto their honepage (WITHIN TEMPTATION) and downloaded thier latest video. It sounds good in a Goth/Metally way. Reminds me of a few bands but Evanescene (which they'd be described to me as sounding similar too) wouldn't be one that springs to mind from listening to the song. They are a lot heavier than Evanescene, which isn't all bad at all.

Anyway, fingers crossed for an enjoyable gig this evening and the discovery of a new band for Angus (plus whomever is supporting).

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