October 1st, 2004

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Labour Retains Hartlepool

Well, Labour did manage to retain Hartlepool yesterday, but the Lib Debs slashed Labours majority from 14,571 to only 2,033 with a 19% swing in voting. It's a shame the LibDems didn't take the seat but it's still a very positive result at the end of the day showing a massive boost in support to them.

Despite the drop in Labour votes it was the Conservatives who were the real losers. As predicted they did get beaten into fourth place (they came second at the last election) with UKIP polling 3,193 to the Conservatives 3,044. It's also the first time that The Conseravtives have EVER fallen from second to fourth place in the party's history.

So whilst Labour can take confidence they didn't loose the seat, the LibDems can take confidence that they push Labour to the limit and received a 19% swing towards them, UKIP can realistically claim they might grab a seat or two at the next Election it looks like doom and gloom for the Conservatives ahead of their party conference next week.

Old Friend

(News) Dope Runners, US Targets Pakistan Nukes, US Retreating From International Legal System....

Tappity, tappity, tap..... and now the news..... (shuffles paper)

US Could Hit Pak Nukes If Musharraf Is Removed (Times of India; Friday 1st October 2004)

Dope Runners Get Super Fit (Times of India; Wednesday 29th September 2004)

US Is Retreating From International Legal System, Study Finds (Channel News Asia; Thursday 30th September 2004)

(Confirmation of the Farnaz Fassihi  story I posted a day or two ago) Pulling Back The Curtain: What A Top Reporter In Baghdad Really Thinks About The War (Editor & Publisher; Wednesday 29th September 2004)

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