October 4th, 2004

Old Friend

(Film) Neil Gaiman's "MirrorMask"

The first teaser for Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's 'MirrorMask' film have been posted. Dave McKean is directing it on behalf of Jim Henson's production company with Neil Gaiman the screenwriter. I've been waiting for well over a year for a glimpse of this so was very excited to finally see it.

And it wasn't a disappointment.


Old Friend

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Parts of the weekend were great, parts weren't.

I completely failed to go to any of the planned gigs on Saturday but ended up getting pretty much completely trashed at home on both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday night didn't actually finish until about 10am Sunday morning and I didn't actually get any sleep until about 6pm.

A very disturbed nights sleep it was too. I have come down (hard) with a bad cold. Mainly nose and throat but I'm hoping it'll start clearing by the end of today.

Saw Sky Captains & The World of Tomorrow on Friday afternoon with pond823  and thought it was fantastic. I won't say much about it as I know others are seeing it later this week. It was a film I've been waiting for since I first heard about it last year. It was worth the wait although did take me a little while to 'get into it' due to the style its been filmed in. School Report: A

Resident Evil: Apocalypse is apparently out this weekend so there will be a trip in the offing then. Also want to catch a number of other films including Hero and Layer Cake.

Finally, the Interpol CD 'ANTICS' arrivied through my door this morning. Currently still listening to it but it sounds pretty good so far. Certainly continuing in their 'Joy Division' sound-a-like contest :-p

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